Elephone U2 vs Elephone U PRO

With the approaching launch of Elephone U2, one may wonder what new features it has from the former phones released by Elephone. Here are some similarities and differences between Elephone U2 and Elephone U PRO:

Design and Screen

Elephone U2 has a smooth design made out of CNC aluminum alloy frame and a Corning Gorilla Glass screen display, and it comes in green and red colors. Elephone U Pro, similarly, is a hybrid of metal frame and a Gorilla Glass back and screen, offering black, red, gray, and blue colors choices.

The screen of Elephone U2 owns a 6.26-inch full-screen display that has an FHD + resolution. The screen ratio reaches 93.1% due to the ejection module, and the bottom border is only as narrow as 3.48 mm. For the case of Elephone U Pro, it has a 5.99-inch Full HD+ display provided by a curved AMOLED flexible screen. Despite having a smaller size screen than Elephone U2, the curved AMOLED screen definitely helps with the edge display of Elephone U Pro.


Elephone U2 features two front cameras that have a 16MP resolution on the pop-up module and three rear cameras on the back. The main rear camera is also 16MP, equipped with an F/1.6 large aperture. The front cameras of Elephone U2 are also capable of taking beauty selfies in which skin would look smoother. It is also worth mentioning that the pop-up module can perform up to 300,000 times of uses, meaning it can operate for 5 years when being used 150 times per day.

Elephone U Pro sports a front camera with 8MP and dual rear cameras with 13MP resolution. It is worth mentioning that both cameras on Elephone U2 and Elephone U Pro have the Bokeh effect that blurs out the background while bringing focus on one subject being shot.


The battery capacity of Elephone U2 is 3250mAh, and that of Elephone U Pro is 3550mAh. While Elephone U Pro supports wireless charging, Elephone U2 does not. However, Elephone U2 has its unique power-saving technology with a combination of software and hardware.


In terms of connectivity, both Elephone U2 and Elephone U Pro supports 4G and 3G. Both provide two Nano SIM slots, so dual Nano SIMs can be inserted into the devices and both devices are compatible with two services simultaneously. The Bluetooth connectivity is slightly different, with Elephone U2 using Bluetooth 4.2 and Elephone U Pro including Bluetooth 4.0.

Operating System

The operating systems of the two devices are different versions of Android due to the different time period they are released. While the operating system of Elephone U Pro is Android 8.0, also known as Oreo, Elephone U2 is running on Android 9.0, which is known as Pie.


In general, despite belonging to the same company, Elephone, Elephone U2 and Elephone U Pro have many distinct features from design, screen, camera, battery, connectivity, and operating system. As for the question of which one surpasses the other, it is best to figure out what is the priority first. For those who pursue higher picture quality, Elephone U2 may be a better option, but for those who like a curved screen, they may instead prefer Elephone U Pro more.